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Oh my god!

10 February 2015 |

Ooer, last time I saw Faithless perform was in 2010 in the O2 just before they split up.

And now they are coming back!  Don't care when or where... I'll be there!!! Woohoo :)



05 May 2014 |

So as you might notice there have been some changes - mainly to tie in with my new purchase (a Fiat Bravo T-Jet 150 Sport) :)  Sadly I had to say goodbye to Jocky my faithful and reliable Alfa 147, but the differnce in every aspect of the new Bravo has certainly put a grin back on my face.

Needless to say, it's good to be back in a Bravo!

Also there are some pictures from this year's AutoItalia Brooklands up for your viewing pleasure.  Check out the beastie looking Lamborghini with the blue wrap, it's pretty insane!

Enjoy! :)

All quiet!

02 March 2014 |

Wow, I hadn't quite realised how much little attention I've paid this site since last August!  Infact, there's nothing new on it since then!  Bad or what?!

Well with the evenings getting lighter and good weather coming, hopefully the pictures may start to be uploaded on a more frequent basis.  So... watch this space :)

New Features!

27 August 2013 |

Changes behind the scenes and front of house have happened over the past couple of days.  The result?  Colours are sorted and you can now properly view IW on an iphone/ipad device without it throwing all the albums around the screen.

Last but certainly not least is the ability to register/log in/log out of the gallery - this basically enables you leave comments, etc on any pictures that catch your eye!  I'll see how it goes and as long as it's not trashed by spammers, etc then I'll keep it running :)

Under Redevelopment

25 August 2013 |

Curses, just when I thought all was well with this site it becomes apparent that there are a number of issues with scrolling through pictures.... doh!

That functionality is sorted but colours/fonts are now not right.  Please bear with me and I'll restore it all back to as it should be shortly!

If it's not one thing, it's another!

Site Outage

17 August 2013 |

Ergh.  After a few hours of remembering my passwords, opening up FTP access via a control panel, updating (twice) the scripts for the photo album software, tweaking files and having some patience... is back online!  What a pain in the arse!  On the upside IW now features some cool stuff behind the scenes but apologies for the downtime (it's been down for quite a while I know!).

Still, it's back up and running now and next time a technical glitch occurs, I'll be better positioned to deal with it!!!

All Quiet

07 July 2013 |

Not much been happening on the car show front recently so nothing new to upload.  This may change if something out the blue crops up, but we'll see.

In the meantime, there have been one or two extra images put into the Nikon Experiments Album...


01 January 2013 |

Happy New Year everyone!  Hope everyone has a good one and that it brings prosperity and happiness to all :)

And so it begins!

01 October 2012 |

Well here we are, after a couple of years of being half finished, etc. InsWorld is now back!

It's had many iterations over the years from online communities to galleries to anything that I came up with.  This time round, its all about pictures and retro fun.  Simple, self indulgent but reverent.

For the returning gamer, who remembers the Aftershock lans?

For the Fiat Bravo Owners Organisation members, remember my motors?

Well its all here :)

For now, the site will be gallery based with this news ticker system.  As for what the future has in store for IW remains to be seen but whatever the direction, it's here to stay.

Welcome to my world.  Welcome to InsWorld.  Enjoy!